BabyWatch 2.0

Keep an eye on your baby from your PC


  • Monitors for movements and sounds
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your child at all times


  • Can be too sensitive to movement

Very good

BabyWatch is something that every parent should have installed - an easy way of monitoring your child when they are out of your sight.

As the developers say, the program is sophisticated but user-friendly and works by issuing spoken messages as to whether the baby is asleep or awake. How does it do this? By using your webcam as a monitoring tool. According to the developers, it can even detect whether the baby has stopped breathing or stopped moving although we would not like to verify this as guaranteed since it is such a serious claim to make. Once setup, the program works by monitoring the change of pixels so it triggers an alert in the program as soon as something happens with your child. However, it's obviously really annoying to be sent an alert when the child simply turns or moves in it's sleep so the program can be adjusted to sensitivity according to the movements of your baby. If the webcam includes a microphone, you can also hear whether the baby is crying, laughing, coughing, mumbling, etc.

This is a highly sophisticated tool that I'm sure every parent will find useful although it's obviously best to use it with caution rather than a fail-safe mechanism for monitoring your child.

Thanks to VISOFT TECHNOLOGIES and its new software application BabyWatch®, it is now possible to have your child watched and monitored by a PC twenty-four hours a day.

BabyWatch® is the first system on the market that uses artificial computer vision to supervise the child whenever it is needed during the first years of its life.

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BabyWatch 2.0

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